Congratulations to the New Operations Manager!

We would like to take this opportunity in announcing Felicity’s official appointment as our new Operations Manager within our growing business here at MLG Healthcare.

Felicity will now have a dual role; she’ll be involved in the business development side of the MLG Healthcare whilst overlooking the entire sales operations. She will focus on introducing new processes to help streamline the business and work with the Directors to think up new ideas of how to help move the business forward.

Felicity will continue to work closely with the client team alongside our Senior Manager, Kwad who will be working jointly with all of our consultants. She will also continue to keep our sales team motivated and ensure they are working to their full potential.

With her hard work over the past few months and dedication to the job, we have no doubts that Felicity will continue to live up to our expectations and perform her new job role to the highest standard. It has been a pleasure to watch Felicity grow and develop within MLG Healthcare over the past year.

A Few Words From Felicity

“I think I’d like to say how happy I am to be working for a company like Medical-Locums, they have trusted and believed in me and allowed me to grow so much in the last year. To be part of this fantastic business and helping it grow is something I am very excited to be part of!”

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