Our Charity Skydive

On the 4th August 2018, three members from the MLG Healthcare team took part in a charity skydive for the new Cancer Centre at Milton Keynes Hospital. This is part of an ongoing aim to raise £10,000 for the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity over the course of the year. The three volunteers, between them, managed to beat their target and raise £2,165 for the cancer centre appeal.

Due to our dedication to raising the £10,000 for the charity, MLG Healthcare will be running further fundraising events over the next few months. Following the success of the first skydive, we will be involved in another one, although the date of this is yet to be confirmed.

Team Charity Skydive

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who generously donated to the Skydive event and for the three volunteers who were brave enough to take part. We have some quotes from Elly, Jack and Nimish, our three skydiving victors.


“The best experience of my life… free falling from 13,000ft, £2165 raised for charity and a fab day surrounded by family, friends and my MLG Healthcare family.”

Elly During Skydive


“Jumping out of a plane and going into freefall is something I have always wanted to do. The feeling of freedom as you float down with the parachute was totally amazing. I have always looked down at the land from a plane window but seeing it in this way was an unbelievable experience.”


“Was absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever done, and it just makes it so much better that we were able to also raise so much money for charity. Can’t wait to do it again!”


About the Cancer Centre Appeal

The new Cancer Centre will be dedicated to offering treatment, information and 24/7 support to anyone affected by cancer. Plans for the new centre include the addition of new outpatient consultation rooms, procedure rooms and a specialist bone marrow extract room. There will be a dedicated haematology-oncology ward along with 24 single in-patient rooms and further family visiting areas. In addition to this, the new centre will take on extra staff to reduce waiting times and improve the overall patient experience. Most importantly though, the centre will bring together most of the cancer treatments available under one roof.

Subsequently, for the centre to be built, £15million is needed. Already Milton Keynes Council has agreed to commit £10m to the appeal, along with another £2m from Macmillan Cancer Support, but the last £2.5m needs to be raised by the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity. For more information on this, take a look at their website to see how you can get involved and help raise the funds they need for this incredible cause.

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