The dedication of our wonderful healthcare staff has been demonstrated more so than ever over the past few years. And, if you are one of the inspirations which can proudly call yourself a member of the medical field, being able to unwind while also staying informed with the latest industry developments couldn’t be more important.

One of the easiest ways to keep in the loop with current events, research and tips from fellow industry professionals is to listen to podcasts, which are also a perfect way to relax. So, to give you some ideas to start with, we have put together a guide to eight of the best nursing podcasts.

What Are The Best Nursing Podcasts?

Having filled nursing jobs at our medical agency for many years, we most definitely recognise that working as a nurse means that you are always on the go. Having a tight schedule and working overtime quickly becomes the new normal, which means that most days, there really is no time to sit down and read through forums, news channels or newspapers.

With a podcast, on the other hand, there is no need to make any changes to your routine, as you can pop your favourite episodes on in the background as you continue your day. Whether you listen during your commute to work, during your lunch breaks or while you are cooking dinner, it’s never been easier to keep yourself in the loop!

There are absolutely tonnes of nursing podcasts to choose from, depending on your mood and what you enjoy listening to. From those that offer frequent industry updates to more chatty channels that share funny stories, podcasts are ideal for helping you through even the hardest of days on the ward. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our favourites:

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Work Life & Medical Podcasts For Nurses

If you’re always wishing you were more informed on the current developments in the healthcare industry but simply don’t have the time or energy to sit down and pour over medical journals, these digestible podcasts are the ideal solution. Learn about new scientific advancements, time management and all things nursing while you relax at home or get on with household duties.


As the number one nursing podcast series year after year, NRSNG is hugely popular amongst those working as a full-time, student or locum nurse. The brains behind NRSNG are committed to offering as many resources as possible to help nurses not only pass their training but also feel confident when taking on responsibilities. Their goal is to eventually educate enough healthcare professionals to end the shortage of nurses, making the role as enjoyable as possible without the stress of understaffing.

When browsing through the vast collection of podcasts on NRSNG, you are guaranteed to come across a topic that strikes your interest as they cover virtually every topic that you may need guidance on. There are also episodes with tips on how to improve your grades when working through your nursing qualifications and how to master time management. Although most episodes are focused on student nurses, they will most definitely also prove useful for those in the latter stages of their careers.

NRSNG Podcasts

Nursing Standard

The popular weekly magazine Nursing Standard now has a podcast that includes all of the information featured in their articles. This is the perfect choice for those who have little time to read through magazines but still want to remain updated with the latest industry news, research and career advice.

Hosted by the editor of Nursing Standard, Flavia Munn, and Dr Richard Hatchett, an experienced senior nurse, the podcast runs through the most recent topics that will impact those working as healthcare professionals in the UK. It is relatively new to the world of nursing podcasts but is most definitely a worthwhile listen for everyone working in the industry. Topics range from tips for students to investigations into the latest scientific findings. The best way to listen to this podcast is on the official Nursing Standard website.

Nursing standard

Nursing Experience Podcasts

These podcasts offer valuable perspectives on the developments, experiences and flaws of the healthcare industry that any nurse can benefit from listening to. If you’re looking to strengthen your understanding of the industry by delving into tricky topics, these podcasts are for you.

The Q Word

Working as an emergency nurse can be one of the most stressful roles in the medical industry yet is often overlooked. The Q Word shares first-hand experiences of two long-term college friends, Nyssa, a trauma nurse and Lisa, who works alongside pre-med university students. Together, they take you on the journey of Nyssa teaching Lisa about the ups and downs of working in the emergency department, covering even the most taboo of subjects. If you are considering a career in a similar field, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll also pick up a host of handy tips and tricks from the pair.

Not only will you have two years of regular podcasts to work your way through, but also a range from 15-minute catch-ups to over hour-long episodes to fit with the amount of free time you have to spare. On their website, Nyssa and Lisa also share a collection of their favourite podcasts so that you have plenty of inspiration on those to listen to in the future.

The Q word

The Gritty Nurse Podcast

The Gritty Nurse Podcast is exactly what it sounds like: a podcast made by nurses for nurses (and anyone else it may interest) that doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable or taboo topics. Hosts Amie and Sara use their experience as nurses to address current issues faced by nursing and the healthcare system. From racism in healthcare to palliative care, the podcast tackles a variety of controversial topics, raising awareness surrounding important issues and de-stigmatising them. With a new episode every week, listening to this fantastic podcast is a brilliant way to stay informed on the current problems affecting healthcare and nursing.

Gritty Nurse Podcast

Funny Nursing Podcasts

Sometimes we all need a good laugh, especially following a tiring shift or week at work. These lighthearted podcasts are full of amusing stories that will be hilariously relatable to any nurse! Why not pop an episode on while you commute to work or complete chores to brighten your day?

Nurse Coffee Talk

If you’re looking to listen to a podcast that doesn’t beat around the bush, Nurse Coffee Talk is perfect for you. Nurses Jamie Baker and Sarah Matthews discuss the important issues facing healthcare in order to raise awareness and push for change, all while mixing in some funny patient experiences and stories! The combination of serious topics and lighthearted comic relief makes for an enjoyable, educational listening experience that isn’t too draining.

Through listening to this podcast, fellow nurses can gain valuable insight into various topics, from workplace issues to career tips and work-life balance. Moreover, the funny patient stories are certain to be relatable to any nurse and are great for unwinding after work, especially when in need of a chuckle after a tough day!

Nurse Coffee Talk

Two Humerus Nurses

Two Humerus Nurses is the ultimate comedic podcast, not just for nurses and aspiring nurses, but for anyone who likes to laugh! Hosts Kelly and Alisha chat informally about a huge variety of topics related to nursing, from their craziest stories from being on the job to serial killer nurses and the psychology behind them. The podcast offers an unfiltered insight into what it’s like to be a nurse, including plenty of humorous moments! This makes it perfect for those in need of a pick-me-up after a long day at work, nurse or not. The podcast is available to listen to on the Two Humerus Nurses website, as well as on Spotify.

Two Humerus Nurses

Nurse Podcasts For Students

These podcasts are our top picks for nursing students and aspiring nurses! They offer plenty of helpful tips and advice while also covering topics that you will be studying. Listening to these podcasts is a brilliant way to consolidate and expand your knowledge while on the go.

Straight A Nursing

The Straight A Nursing podcast explains concepts, procedures and best practices in a way that couldn’t be easier to understand, making it perfect for accompanying your studies. Due to the nature of the episodes, this is definitely more of an educational podcast rather than one used for entertainment. The episodes will help you to be one step ahead of your course, designed to help the processes of gaining your qualifications as stress-free as possible. You will be able to find the same topic explained in several different ways to fit with your learning style, making it far easier to follow than traditional, complex study guides.

Although this podcast is targeted at those during the first stage of their journey as a nurse, it also comes in handy for those who want to refresh their skills later in their career. Whether you are going back to your studies or simply want to boost your knowledge, Straight A Nursing is guaranteed to prove incredibly resourceful.

Straight A Nursing

Nurse Becoming

The Nurse Becoming podcast is the perfect supplement to your nursing education, no matter how far along the journey you are. Nurse practitioner Amanda Guarniere hosts the podcast, leading conversations about growth and progression in the nursing career. Nurse Becoming is perfect for aspiring nurses looking to get inspired by those with years of experience in the profession. It also discusses important self-care advice and offers tips that will help prepare you for a successful and impactful career in nursing. The podcast is available on The Resume RX website and on Spotify.

Nurse Becoming

The Best Podcasts For Nurses

With many years of experience in healthcare recruitment, we understand the importance of properly unwinding between shifts. We hope that you are now eager to sit back, pop your headphones in and give one of our recommended podcasts a listen while you relax. Whether you are heading to work or trying to stay awake during your night shift break, podcasts are an excellent way to use your free time to your advantage. You are certain to find a podcast that suits your interests, from those that discuss the latest industry changes to others that focus on sharing experiences!

For more educational resources for nurses, why not check out our previous article? If you are interested in potentially filling one of our nursing positions, please feel free to get in touch with our team, and one of our dedicated consultants will be in contact.

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