With the pressure and uncertainty of the past few years, we feel that it has become more crucial than ever to show appreciation for the key figures behind MLG Healthcare.

This month, we are delighted to announce a very important update, one which we, our staff, clients and candidates, believe could not be more well deserved. Sharon, our Head of Compliance, who has gone above and beyond to ensure our continued success, will now take on the new role of Director.

Sharon Plays A Vital Role At MLG Healthcare

As the Head of Compliance, Sharon is at the heart of our daily processes at MLG Healthcare. It is with her exceptional organisation skills, constant communication and attention to detail that we have overcome the hurdles of the past few years and remained stronger than ever. Our operations have never been so efficient, and our team always begin their day with clear objectives in mind, knowing that they can always rely on Sharon to follow through on her promises.

One crucial aspect that Sharon has taken responsibility for is compliance and audits. Thanks to the streamlined structures and new procedures that Sharon and her team have implemented, we are proud to have passed every audit with flying colours. Even when COVID-19 processes were continually changing, Sharon ensured that we could adapt with ease.

Congratulations Sharon

Supporting Our Team’s Personal Development

Our entire team would most definitely agree that Sharon goes far beyond her operations role to provide invaluable support to every department, their progression and wellbeing. 

Along with implementing refined processes and seamlessly delegating tasks, Sharon has devoted an immense amount of time to staff development. From organising training courses to carrying out appraisals and creating growth plans, the huge progression of our team over the past few years has been down to Sharon’s dedication. 

To ensure that our staff continue to feel valued and morale remains high, Sharon spends time organising fun team events, whether to celebrate a national holiday, charity event or Employee of the Month. She also focuses on supporting mental health in the office, planning regular wellness meetings and one-to-one sessions to create a positive atmosphere. 

A Little Something From Our Wonderful Team

There is no one better deserving than Sharon for this role, and our fantastic team wanted to show their appreciation by saying a few words:

I have now worked with Sharon for the best part of 7 years, and the saying “goes the extra mile” was invented for her.

Without a doubt, Sharon has been a huge and integral part of the success here at MLG Healthcare, her attention to detail is second to none. As a Director of the business, having Sharon as head of our Compliance Department gives me such confidence in our day to day operations with that side of the business, and also full confidence when our annual audits come up… that they will be passed and she delivers every time.

Sharon wears many hats within our business and takes every effort to ensure no matter which role she is covering, it is done with the utmost professionalism.

Sharon always has time for each and every employee, no matter what the discussion may be about.

It’s also the little things which sets Sharon apart from the rest, and the employees all recognise this… from ensuring all female employees receive a rose on Valentine’s day to each employee receiving an advent calendar at Christmas… I can’t think of a better person within the business who deserves this accolade.

Looking forward to your next steps here at MLG Healthcare Sharon…. (as you always say… “onwards and upwards”)

Giuseppe – Director

Just want to say I think Sharon has been an important part of the MLG journey as she has always kept on top of factors in the ever-changing world of recruitment. She has done so much for the business and is a vital part of the team.


Sharon is a valued member of the MLG family, not only for the back office but across the entire business. She is someone who is very approachable, empathetic and professional. There is no end to what she can do, whether it be professional or personal goals. She has had and continues to have a huge impact on my personal development throughout my career. Always giving me advice to better myself, sharing her experiences and knowledge.

Sharon always makes sure we have an office environment you can’t wait to be in, when it comes to festive periods, World Cups, or just to brighten our day, she goes the extra mile.

Every business should have a Sharon!


I just wanted to say a few words about Sharon and how instrumental she has been and is to the business.

Her work ethic can never be faulted, with clear communication that is always very prompt, clear and concise. She often has to pick up ad-hoc or tasks thrown at her, whilst still executing her HR responsibilities, supporting and managing MDT, and supporting Mo and the finance department as well.

Forever approachable, I do have the confidence to confide in her whenever needed, or if I require assistance, I know I will get the support required.

Highly knowledgeable, and her support in developing members of staff may sometimes go unnoticed.

A true asset, who understands where we want to go and what we want to do, and fully backs all aspects of the business.


Sharon works incredibly hard, if it’s from working with the development/business support team to sales or accounts, she is always approachable and available to reach out to with any work-related or personal problems. I feel she supports me a lot and even more so during my development plan, making time to have monthly catch-ups. I know she can and will help out whenever I need it, and that goes for all departments within the business. Sharon always makes an effort to decorate the office during different holiday periods in her own time and organises different events, which really helps boost office morale. I really appreciate the time and effort she puts in daily, and MLG wouldn’t be the same without her.


Would like to take the time to say, you are the ideal manager/director, spearheading the direction the department should be moving. Goal orientated, helping to achieve the highest standards for the team and the business as a whole.

Your actions show you are proud of us all, and you always display this in every way possible, whether through personal performance reviews, team meetings, emails or simply a quick comment back to the EOD or passing gesture!

Always approachable – even in situations, your door is sometimes physically closed; ironically, we all know it’s figuratively open. When you conduct your 1-2-1, you’d wait and listen attentively, process what you have heard, and then respond! This is admirable and a habit I am trying to adopt myself. It shows respect for others and genuine care. You’d always conduct yourself with a warm, friendly attitude and hold great charm, making staff feel at ease.

Simply put it, Sharon, you are an asset to the business and to your staff. A true director/leader in every sense of the word.


Thank You, Sharon – We Couldn’t Appreciate You More!

From going above and beyond to ensure that the business is presented in the best manner to keeping the office efficient, calm and organised, we can’t thank Sharon enough for everything she does for us – we don’t know what we would do without her. We couldn’t think of anyone better suited to join our team of directors, and we cannot wait to see her smash her new role!

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