Behind every successful business is a dedicated team, and at MLG Healthcare, we are lucky enough to have the most wonderful staff. Kia, our Compliance Team Leader, is the perfect example of someone who goes above and beyond to support the business. Her hard work and commitment could not be more appreciated, and as such, we couldn’t be happier to announce that she will now take on a new role as Compliance Manager- a very well-deserved promotion!

Kia’s Journey With MLG Healthcare

Kia has played a crucial role in MLG Healthcare for more than six years and, during this time, has worked closely with the Senior Management Team. As Compliance Team Leader, she has been responsible for handling audits, vetting clients and creating reports. Kia also oversees confirmation and booking processes while dedicating time to carrying out one-to-one meetings with her department.

Throughout her time at MLG Healthcare, Kia has grown from strength to strength, and her self-development has been astounding! She is known for her excellent communication skills and fantastic relationship with all departments; she is a figure always more than happy to support and advise where needed.

One of Kia’s many strengths is her firm focus on achieving goals, not only within her team but also in the business. She is dedicated to continually analysing and developing processes to determine areas of improvement. Kia ensures that she reports to the Senior Management Team with progress updates and sets new objectives when met.

Our Senior Management Team have the following to say about Kia’s progression within the business:

Kia joined MLG Healthcare in 2015, when the company was born, as a business support/compliance officer. Her role has played a huge part in the upbringing of MLG, and she has shown immense commitment in striving to achieve not only her own goals but the business goals too.
With Kia’s hard work and dedication, she then went on to be a team leader in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength to drive herself further each year. One thing that stands out about Kia is that nothing is ever too much; if there is a problem, she will always do her best to find a solution. On many occasions, Kia has been faced with various scenarios that would not usually fall within her role; however, she has always proven to handle them in an efficient and professional manner, giving her further experience in her role.

Kia has been a huge part and reason for MLG achieving Platinum status in all of our audits by ensuring tight processes are in place and are followed by others across the business. Kia has been a tremendous support for all departments, whilst coaching, leading and supporting others along the way. Her substantial knowledge of compliance, business operations and sales support shines through and has led to her continual progress; her current achievements are no more than she deserves.

We are proud to have Kia as part of the MLG family and management team; we look forward to continuing to push this business forward together!

Exciting New Opportunities Ahead

In her new role as Compliance Manager, Kia will be going into greater depth with her duties and will remain a key point of contact. She will take charge of presenting meetings, continuing to ensure that all other departments are aware of upcoming changes and are trained on her latest processes. Behind the scenes, Kia will perform analysis work alongside the Senior Management Team while creating development plans to grow her team – all of which we are confident Kia will continue to excel in!

We are so proud of Kia and all her achievements to date; she is a true asset to the business! To finish, here are a few words from Kia about her experience working at MLG Healthcare:

I can proudly say I genuinely love my job. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day with a fantastic team and watch them grow personally and professionally. Since being with MLG from the very beginning, I have developed my knowledge of multiple areas of the business and passed that knowledge on to others. I have helped the business to grow by creating new processes, and ensuring we have a streamlined structure is key for business growth. One of the most rewarding parts of my journey has been building our audit pass rate up to 100%!

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