At MLG Healthcare, we are committed to personal development, and it is always fantastic to see our wonderful team meeting their objectives. This month, we are over the moon to announce that, after working incredibly hard over the past year to meet all of her modules, Aimee will now take on the new role of Compliance Team Leader!

Aimee Has Achieved Many Milestones Since Joining

Aimee has been a valued member of the MLG Healthcare family since November 2017, initially joining our team as Business Support. In January 2020, Aimee was promoted to Senior Compliance Officer and, for the past few years, has played a pivotal role in our internal processes and the management of compliance criteria. 

Hardworking and dedicated to her role, Aimee has been responsible for vetting and processing compliance documents. Her brilliant knowledge of company systems, processes, and compliance means that she has been an asset when preparing for external audits and conducting internal audits.

As a go-to person in the business, Aimee is highly respected by all colleagues and management. Her skills shine through, and her proactive approach to creating and implementing new processes has made a positive impact on the business. Along with compliance, Aimee has also been responsible for growing and supporting our maintenance team while working closely with staff on their own career development.

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The Promotion To Compliance Team Leader

Having invested a huge amount of time in meeting her personal development objectives, Aimee is the perfect fit for the role of Compliance Team Leader. In her new position, Aimee will not only continue her current responsibilities but will also have more involvement in the management of the business. 

As Compliance Team Leader, Aimee will handle new client contracts, framework audits and reporting, all while supporting staff development. She will also participate in management meetings to discuss business changes and process implementation, then monitor these new procedures and provide an analysis. 

Our Management Team Are Incredibly Proud Of Aimee!

Our management team wanted to share a few words to show their appreciation:

“Aimee has had a great journey at MLG. She entered the business with no experience or knowledge in the industry and has come so far. She is the ‘go-to’ person when it comes to compliance, and she makes a big difference to the Business Support and Compliance Team.

Aimee has built some great relations at MLG and has gained a wealth of respect and trust from her colleagues and the management team. Her consistency and eagerness to build her knowledge have really made her shine through and become a role model to others. Aimee is not shy to put across her ideas and input and leads by a great example.

The management team are very appreciative of the commitment and dedication Aimee puts into her work, especially with the external audits, which have made a massive contribution to our audit scores. We truly believe that Aimee deserves this promotion and has worked really hard towards it.

We are proud of you, Aimee and glad to have you as part of the MLG family!”

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