Sean's Promotion Graphic
Our wonderful team are at the heart of MLG Healthcare, and it is always fantastic to see members grow and develop in their careers. This month we are thrilled to share that we will be celebrating a well-deserved promotion. Sean, our brilliant Client Account Manager, will now be taking on the role of Client Team Manager!

Sean Is Known For His Positivity & Forward-Thinking Approach

Sean is an asset to our team and has had a positive impact on the company since the start of his journey. His optimistic, resilient attitude means that he is always willing to get his teeth stuck into new challenges and is driven towards developing MLG Healthcare.

As a motivational figure on the sales floor, Sean demonstrates excellent leadership skills and is always bringing new ideas to the table. His forward-thinking, strategic and methodological approach has allowed him to build strong relationships not only with the team but also with our clients, who continue to speak highly of Sean.

Taking On The Role As Client Team Manager

In his new role as Client Team Manager, Sean will be responsible for managing the client team and conducting regular 1-2-1s with each member to help them to progress in their role. He will implement and enhance processes, ensuring that the client team are working effectively and productively to maximise all sales-related opportunities within the business.

Behind the scenes, Sean will work closely with the management team while also supporting sales meetings. He will set new goals and KPIs, as well as understand and report MI trends, all with the aim of developing the business client portfolio.

A Final Congratulations From Our Management Team!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Sean for all of his hard work to date and an even bigger congratulations on his promotion. Here are a few words from our management team:

Sean has consistently demonstrated exceptional qualities and contributions to our business since his arrival. His determination and enthusiasm have had a tremendously positive influence, whether it’s securing new clients or providing support and guidance to his colleagues. Sean is a true team player who is dedicated to advancing the growth of our business. His consistent display of these attributes has been both instructive and enjoyable.

Since Sean joined MLG, we have had the opportunity to work closely with him, and his leadership abilities were evident right from the start. He is a highly experienced professional in the healthcare sector and has made an immediate impact on our organisation. Since then, he has continued to excel and progress. Sean is an excellent problem solver and has a proactive “can-do” mindset. He has become an invaluable member of the MLG family, and his peers will undoubtedly be thrilled by this exciting news.

Sean’s promotion to the management team is well-deserved, and we are eagerly looking forward to what the future holds for both him and the entire MLG family.

Congratulations, Sean, on your well-earned promotion!

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